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Learn the proven steps and strategies to earn good bucks as a Web Designer for international clients and build your Solid Online Business

Our program will teach you everything you need to know on WordPress Web Design, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management & Marketing your Online Business from “ZERO Knowledge”

We’re  here to support you in creating your own dream business, making more money, and stepping into your power as an extraordinary entrepreneur.

Is this WEB INTERNSHIP PROGRAM right for me?

  • Are you a freelance virtual professional who wants to level up your skills in web design to get better paying clients and build multiple online business
  • Are you an OFW who wants to learn web design to earn additional income or you want to go back to PHILIPPINES to work from home with your family and still earn dollars?
  • Are you a business owner who wants to manage your own website and create several multiple online business?
  • Are you a fresh graduate who’s struggling to get a full time job and just wants to earn for a living working at the comfort of your own home and earn dollars?
  • Are you a single parent who’s looking for some ways to earn for a living for your family and to cover your daily expenses and basic needs
  • Are you a disabled person who’s capable of working with your computers with interest of learning web design? Are you looking for source of income to cover your daily expenses and basic needs to earn for a living?
  • Are you a full time employee who wants to have a legitimate online job as another source of income or replacement of your current job?

…now, think about it

jay2My name is Jay Pasana, from New York and I’m a leading Web Design Coach for you – the aspiring work from home professionals for web design


Right now, I’m sure you’re feeling scared, confused, and overwhelmed. You don’t want to make the wrong decision or end up in the wrong place 10 years from now. You’re lacking in direction and clarity.


I know you feel like you have a mountain to climb. I’ve so been there.


Doing what you love will create a life that allows you to have the financial freedom you’re craving to shop without feeling guilty, travel the world, go out to eat every weekend with your main squeeze, and use your your unique talents to impact the world while working on your own laptop!

8 Reasons Why Web Internship is Philippines #1 Online Coaching Program for Web Design

1. EXCELLENT SUPPORT SYSTEM to all interns through online class, 1-on-1 coaching, FB group and support staff
2. Premium Easy to Understand Video Tutorials. Learn creating website from zero knowledge
3. All interns are entitled for a $100 worth of purchase of software, themes or plugins of their choice per MONTH during their batch.
4. Huge library of Themes, Plugins, Softwares and counting. Not on our list? We’ll buy it for you!
5. We will help you in getting your own clients
6. We will help you build your own Online Business
7. Network with other Web Designers, Professionals & Entrepreneurs with the common goal of Making More Money Online.
8. UNLIMITED SIT INS regardless of your batch.


Regular Rate ₱20,000

[ Optional staggered payment on or before August 15 ]



[ Optional staggered payment on or before August 15 ]



[ Three Months Expedite 1-on-1 Online Coaching. Start Anytime ]


Get a change to access our huge library of Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins and other software for your web design career.

Not on our list? We’ll buy it for you!!


The Web Internship program is a lifetime investment worth having.
The enrolment fee is very affordable compared to other web design coaching program. You get very valuable skills and a bunch of benefits as a part of this program.

This is one of the best decisions I have made. I’m glad i found this coaching program,in just less than two months I already got paying clients and got my return of investment instantly. i even made more than P100,000 even before the end of the program. I have learned a lot from this already and I’m so thankful to Sir Jay and the team for always being prompt in attending to our queries. They do not just enhance our skills but also they teach us on the right character and values we should have as an online worker. They taught us how to get client, land an online job ,starting an online business and just so many ways on how we could earn online.

I highly recommend this internship, this is suitable for everyone who wish to work online through the comfort of their own homes. I can truly say, this is the best place to enroll for a coaching program .

Through the help of this internship program, we can really be successful online workers who earns a lot and can spend more time with our families. We just need to be focused, committed and dedicated to reach our goals.

Rhea Saycon – Freelance Web Designer, Dumaguete

“Enrolling in Sir Jay Pasana’s Web Internship Program was the best decision I ever made in my entire VA career.”

I am a data entry specialist when I started this program and taking this course equipped me with different skills, which I offer to my clients. Because of this, I was able to get projects not only limited to data entry, but also jobs related to WordPress, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. This program also helped me to increase my hourly rate.

The Web Internship Program gives a good foundation not just for newbies but for seasoned virtual assistants as well. It is jam-pack with lessons that will surely help you level up your career. Not to mention the freebies you can get when you enroll in this program plus the support you can have with your fellow interns.

But if you will ask me what made this program totally worth it? It is the sincere support and passion to help Sir Jay gives to his interns. He is like a mentor to us. He is very generous sharing his resources and knowledge. He genuinely cares for our growth and always there whenever we need him.

Julie Caluag, Administrative Support, Social Media Manager, Web Designer – Bulacan

I wanted to start a career as a freelancer after resigning from work to become a stay at home mom but don’t know where to start. I stumbled upon Web Internship Program’s advertisement and decided to inquire. I thought this is something worth a try so I eventually enrolled.

As an intern, I felt very much valued as I receive more than enough support from our mentor, Sir Jay Pasana. He was very quick to respond to questions without making you feel small. The different timezones were a non-issue as I can say ALL my questions were quickly answered and my technical issues resolved in no time. Sir Jay’s staff are also very quick to respond concerns and issues. More than the support I was expecting, really.

I am proud to say that I got MORE than my money’s worth when I enrolled in the Web Internship Program! I have no background with web design and programming. But just after our first assignment, I was able to build my first full website (not just the “Hello World” display) and the rest is history. I have learned a lot from this program. More than enough that I am that confident to put up my own web designing business. Thanks to Sir Jay and his staff, this program has put me in a great perspective and I look forward to a better, exciting future because this program has equipped me well to take on the challenges of web designing.

Thank you,Sir Jay for helping and guiding us althroughout the program. You have shaped us to become better professionals.

Kristel B. Cañaveral | Web Designer, Pasig

“I am an ordinary office staff you can find in every company. when I started studying at Web Internship Program, it made me realize that web designing career is really meant for me. Sir Jay taught me everything I need to know about web designing from scratch into something that made me capable and reliable in making websites. As a rookie, I found a job in a matter of 3 months during the progress of our study.

Studying with Sir Jay is the most gratifying experience I have had in my career with web designing. He also thought me how to focus seriously and act professionally to maintain and shape up my career dramatically. When i started my career working online, Sir Jay and admin staff’s are always there to support and guide me to decide properly.

This mentoring program is an excellent way to acquire greater insight into the breadth of the duties and responsibilities of the various units within the world of web desigining and has proved to be an enlightening experience.

I am now working with my new boss from United kingdom, having a salary and sideline that is more than I expected.”

Thanks to Sir Jay Pasana for helping me build my new career.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Dennis A. Nacar / Freelance Web Designer, Baguio City

“As an OFW, I see the Web Internship Program as a priceless investment that will help me earn a good paying job while working in the comfort of my home in the Philippines with my family, seeing my kids grow.

I am so thankful that I made the right decision being a part of this. Now, I am already working with several international clients I got from Odesk and earning dollars as a Web Designer/VA. This is only the start! I thank Sir Jay Pasana for his “solid support” while I am starting my online career.

His program taught me everything I need to know in wordpress web designing to land a job. He also guided me in making my Odesk/Elance profile and cover letter to impress the clients. When I encountered technical issues with my project, he is always there to help via Facebook and one time he even used Gotomeeting so he can see my screen and remotely assist me at 1:00 in the morning. Moreover, he also gives free domain and hosting, wordpress themes, free plugins I can always use for my future website projects, free PLR’s to start my online business, recorded lessons / videos on wordpress, SEO, social media, adobe photoshop and a lot more. It is a” spoon feeding” program, everything is given, you just have to do your part and “FOCUS” to be successful.”

Flor Dela Cruz, Abu Dhabi OFW

I had been working as an engineer in the manufacturing industry for almost 10 years. Although the pay was good, I always dreamed of working from home on my own terms. Unfortunately, the demand of work in my field would not permit me to pursue my dream of working at home and having my own business.

Then when I had the chance, I quickly grabbed it and did some research as to what would be the perfect break for me.  I learned that web design has a good balance of time flexibility and good pay. Immediately, I knew that this was the one I’m looking for.

I have enrolled in various online trainings and nothing came close to having a ‘support system’ Sir Jay provides. Through his VA Scholarship, I was able to learn the basics on working online. And through Web Internship Program, I’ve learned about the ins and outs of web design, as well as the best practices and tricks of the trade. Not only that, he provided us with online trainings and latest web design materials to supplement our learning and to build our online portfolio as best as possible.

My life has changed since then. I thank Sir Jay for the VA Scholarship and Web Internship Program. It brought out the best in me and helped me jumpstart my dream of working from home. I was able to made P 400,000++ and bought my brand new car out of the program a few months after enrollment.

Indeed, dreams do come true with perseverance and the right people to guide you. Thank you Sir Jay!

Pao Alcantara, Web Design | Graphics Design – Laguna

I never wanted to go back to school. I just wanted to put up my own business after retirement. I have not heard of web design, it was alien to me but right after reading the Web Internship Program (WIP) I became curious. I was kind of skeptic about online schooling, but when a former intern gave us her experience I made up my mind to enroll in the course.

Can you believe a nurse who knew nothing about web design can now build a website even before completing the program? I am one of those who started out with zero knowledge. I have no technical background, it is but natural not to understand the terminologies of the IT world. But I was interested, and I was intent in pursuing it.

It looked impossible, but with the personalized support system that our mentor-teacher gave us, we interns found ourselves building one website after another. Not to mention the support that the interns gave to each other when we miss out on something.

I got more than my money’s worth enrolling in this program. I believe all of us did. It’s guaranteed, with the right attitude and the right person to guide you, you’ll be able to work at the comfort of your home and earn as much as when you have a traditional employer who requires your presence 8 hours a day in the office. I am grateful because a lot of business opportunities have opened up for me because of this.

THANK YOU Sir Jay Pasana and staff!

Gloria Padron | Nurse, Entrepreneur & Web Designer – Cebu City

Enrolling in Sir Jay Pasana’s Web Internship Program opened new opportunities for me. Being a dedicated housewife and a mother of two active kids, I wanted to find a job which can cater to my needs and expertise. At the same time, a job which gives me the chance to spend quality time with my family.
This course equipped me with new skills that I can use in my career as a Virtual Professional. It helped me find more clients and maximize my working potential. My work load increased and so my earnings. The money and time that I invested totally paid off. It was all worth it! I started from scratch and I never knew that I would learn a lot from this program.

The WIP is highly recommended to newbies and to those who wishes to start an online career. With Sir Jay’s guidance, helpful staff and softwares included in the program, you can become a pro and land on a career that you will definitely love.

Shelly Lopez | Entrepreneur & Web Designer, Pampanga

I’ve been working as a full-time employee for so many years now and recent circumstances made me want to shift careers.  Working online is the best option I could think of because I want to work from home.  The problem was I have no idea on how to acquire the necessary skills in order to land an online job.

Then, I saw this post Web Internship Program in Facebook.  Even before I finished reading the whole content, I already became interested to enrol in the said program.  I absolutely have zero knowledge on web design but I was so excited to learn and hopeful that someday I would have a career out of it.

Looking back now, I can say that I’m glad I took up this program.  You can just imagine the excitement & joy that I have after I have created my first ever website.  And this happens every time I finished an assignment.  The best thing is I enjoyed what I am doing.  And it’s the kind of work that I want–something that I enjoy doing.

I am just very thankful to our coach and mentor, Sir Jay Pasana who is very patient in teaching us and really took time to respond to our queries and concerns regarding our assignments through PMs (private messages) despite his busyness.  I really love the support that this program is offering to us.  Sir Jay’s staff would call us to know on how we are doing with the program, if we have some problems so they can help us.  Our fellow interns are there who are so generous to impart their knowledge.  Sir Jay would always emphasized that this program is for our benefit and to make use of all the support available.  I can sense his concern to us as he even advised us to use our money wisely when we start making money out of creating websites. Sir Jay’s sincerity is evident in helping his interns get their money’s worth for the program.  And it’s really worth it.  I have made the right investment.

Lalaine Codina | Entrepreneur & Web Designer – Cebu

A few years ago, I considered working online after I gave birth to my son but was not able to push thru with my plan because I thought that I need to give my 100% time in taking care of him. Now that he is 5 years old and will be a kindergarten student next school year, I made my way to study Web Design under Sir Jay Pasana.

I am skeptical of the program initially. The tuition fee is a big buck to let go. But I saw a familiar face on the testimonials. Her name is Franz. She lives within the same barangay I am residing. Small world isn’t it? I asked her about Web Internship Program. “Is it worth the investment of money and time?” She answered me straightforward with “Yes!” I was surprised to learn that she is one of the highest earning interns under this program and was so happy that I came across the ad while browsing and looking for online opportunities and believed her.

If I didn’t try enrolling, I will not be able to see the benefits of knowing not just a thing or two about the Web and how I can earn using the Internet. I always keep in mind 3 Important Things to be Successful: Focus, Patience, and Continuous Learning. Just like what Sir Jay tells us.

Nina Alipio | Entrepreneur, Virtual Professional & Web Designer – Bataan

Did the program gave us value as an intern? A resounding Yes. I learned a lot about WordPress and Web Designing that I couldn’t do on my own. Although I had prior background on HTML, CSS and Javascript, I had zero knowledge about WordPress before joining this program. The Web Internship Program helped me immensely that I could create websites with more confidence and expertise .

Sir Jay’s strategies was very helpful through out the program. It was just a matter of taking down notes and practising what his training videos taught us. All it takes is a willingness to learn and applying what has been taught. Focus and Hardwork is required in this program to be able to succeed.

Did you feel you’re being treated well during the course of the program?
I was treated well during the course of the program. I stayed quiet most of the time because I’d like to observe and listen more to what others say and discuss in the our group FB page. But I did ask questions whenever necessary.

Ms. Kim Cabral was helpful when I enrolled into this program. Amanda was very helpful as well when she took over.

Definitely I got my money’s worth. 10 out of 10 stars. For 12 thousand pesos, it was worth it. The WordPress Themes alone are already worth it. What more when you combine that with the video tutorials, plus downloads plus Sir Jay’s guidance. Another cool thing is that we are eligible to join again for next year’s batch. That’s something I look forward to actually. I’ll be there doing the web site assignments together with next year’s new crop of interns.

Lawrence T. Kin – Serial Entrepreneur & Web Designer, Manila

As a businessman for 3 years, I never stop wanting to learn new things (for me everyday should be a learning process). One day while I’m browsing the net thinking of ways on how to become successful, I’ve found this interesting web internship program that caught my attention and I know for sure that it will give me knowledge and ideas to do so.

Web Internship Program is worth learning and you will never regret enrolling. I’ve started from scratch and learned so many things in this program. Now I am competent in making different kinds of website using WordPress. It’s not just a typical program that focused on things which you want to learn, it also boosts my positive attitude towards success as a businessman.

– in Web Internship Program u can attest the start of your success

Roel Mahalin – Entrepreneur & Web Designer, Laguna

All I can say is that enrolling in Web Internship Program is definitely an awesome decision I’ve made. I really wanted to work online and also planning to make my own website for future business. Luckily I landed on sir Jay Pasana’s Web Internship Program site.

It’s a great opportunity to be a part of WIP. With a very  supportive mentor sir Jay Pasana, his helpful staff, and all softwares included on this program, I learned a lot and increased my other skills.
The money I spent is all worth it. From zero knowledge, it’s amazing that I can now build stunning and create different kinds of WordPress website, do logos and banners,  migrating websites and more.

Thank you very much sir Jay!

Joy Ramos – Web Designer & Entrepreneur, Manila


  • We will train you anything about wordpress web design on this personalized coaching program even from zero knowledge
  • We will teach you how to build your online portfolio and promote your brand
  • We will teach you the latest special tools of the trade
  • We will teach you how to build your online business
  • We will help you land a web design job
  • We will give you back end support in no time
  • Get a lifetime access on the training program


Web Internship Program is a six-month training program for web design and building your solid online business. This is a live group program experience that shares the exact steps I took to create a six-figure web design business and grows every day. Check out the brand spankin’ new program today and register now to get all of the early-bird goodies worth thousands!

We’ll teach you exactly how to get started, create your first website, build your business, write proposals, send invoices… You name it – We’ll teach you everything

Aside from the live online class, we’ll be having a 2 hours 1-on-1 sessions for every students every month. To be sure you’re not being left behind!

All Online training class is recorded so you’ll have time to review at your own pace!


We will teach you to CREATE and POLISH your profiles in oDesk, eLance, Linkedin and other social networking sites so you can easily get clients and knock out competitors to get BETTER PAYING CLIENTS

We will teach you the proven strategy on making it BIG on becoming a Web Designer for International Clients

We will create your own website for portfolio purposes that will serve as your
“ Digital Calling Card “


[ Demo Website ]

We will create these website to generate your PASSIVE ONLINE BUSINESS in areas of:

Google Adsense Websites

Safari 5 Browser Window

Membership Websites

Safari 5 Browser Window

Software eCommerce Websites

Safari 5 Browser Window

eBook eCommerce Websites

Safari 5 Browser Window

Offline / Online Stores

Safari 5 Browser Window

We will teach you to create these websites to build your portfolio and be familiar with all industry in WEB DESIGN 

Personal Blogs

Safari 5 Browser Window


Safari 5 Browser Window

Live Streaming / Movies

Safari 5 Browser Window

Real Estate

Safari 5 Browser Window

Company / Brochure

Safari 5 Browser Window


Safari 5 Browser Window


Safari 5 Browser Window

Health and Wellness

Safari 5 Browser Window









Plus FREE….


Huge number of up-to-date PLR to start your own PLR business


Your own domain [] & Web Hosting Account that can host more than 50 websites
+ Free UNLIMITED email address []


Hundreds of Premium WordPress Themes Free for UNLIMITED download for Interns from Batch 1 onwards…

Updated monthly for New WordPress Themes



You will have an access to an exclusive members only Facebook group with like minded individuals of the same goal to work and earn online. The trainers, current and previous interns will help you with your concerns about several task of the program

and more……


We will teach you to use HOOTSUITE, TWEETDECK and other SPECIAL TOOLS for SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT to promote your BRAND that you can use for your business and employment



We will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop to design banners, marketing materials and photo manipulation to promote your “BRAND” that you can use for your business and employment



We will teach you how to do Search Engine Optimization campaigns so you can be visible online especially on SEARCH ENGINES to Generate Leads for your “BRAND” that you can use for your business and employment


How about earning like this at the comfort of your home on your own flexible time?

not to mention other projects in eLance, from Social Media campaigns, referrals… plus building your own online business…



With That Said… Let’s Look at Total Value You Get with This Offer:

Course Outline

1. Web Design 101 – 1st Month

  • Managing Domains / Hostings / Cpanel / PhpMyAdmin – Knowing your web hosting
  • Essentials of WordPress – Things you need to know about WordPress
  • Building your 1st website
  • Plugins – most common WordPress Plugins
  • Themes – Installing your first theme
  • Website Security – Worry Free website security
  • Backup up your website

2.  Building your Business Website 1 – 2nd Month

  • 3 eCommerce websites – Physical & Digital Products
  • 2 Real Estate Websites
  • Photography Websites
  • Online Magazine Websites
  • Live Streaming Websites
  • Restaurant Websites
  • Portfolio Websites

3. Building your Business Website 2 – 3rd Month

  • Niche Websites
  • Affiliate Websites
  • Sales Page / Digital Product Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization – Know the basic of Ranking your website and importance of link building
  • Adobe Photoshop

4. Building your Online Presence – 4th Month

  • Social Media Management – Social Media 101, tools & professional etiquette
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Leveling up your Online Portfolio
  • Key Strategies in Getting Jobs in oDesk, Elance, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other job sites

5. Creation of  5 Niche Websites – 5th Month

  • Affiliate  Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Website Flipping

6. Creation of Passive Income Generating Website – 6th Month

  • Creation of  membership website
  • Creation of 2 Affiliate Websites

We are building more than 30 websites to grow your portfolio and familiarize with all aspect of the industry!!

 Learn to create websites compatible for tablets & smartphones


This Special Introductory Price is Offered for a Limited Time Only

In our commitment to help everyone to learn web design thru WordPress for their personal or business journey, We’ll be giving this at an insanely introductory offer. That means if you act now, you enjoy this incredible deal.

Satisfied? But Hey! Here’s More…

If you purchase the online training today, we’ll give it for a jaw dropping crazy deal and access to the $ 6,000+ worth of products

Yes, you heard it right! All these are included in your online training to build and make money for your WordPress websites.

  • All Woothemes, Elegantthemes & StudioPress WP Themes, 300+ PLR, 50+ Themeforest Themes–[$ 3,000+ value]
  • 2 New Themeforest WordPress themes every month – [$600]
  • Wp Touch Pro – Mobile [Smartphones / Tables] Capable websites  –  [$49 value]
  • The Best Spinner Software – $79 value
  • Backup Buddy – Website Back up –[$ 75 value]
  • 1000+ PLR ebooks, softwares, video trainings, articles & template to sell & use- [$ 1,000 value]
  • Shopperpress Premium eCommerce Theme [$79 value]
  • 2 hrs live coaching / consultation per month [$ 500]
  • Recorded version of all live online sessions [$ 1,000]
  • Your own domain & hosting – [$ 70 value]
  • Proposals & Invoice Templates – [$200]

That’s a Total of $6,000 Worth of Savings


Early Birds Rate  – ₱17,500, Pay before August 15

[ Optional staggered payment on or before Oct 16 ]


Regular Rate ₱20,000

[ Optional staggered payment on or before November 10 ]



[ Three Months Expedite 1-on-1 Online Coaching. Start Anytime ]



As a Real Estate Broker I believe having a website is a must in getting ahead in generating leads now a days, further more it is one of the indemand vehicle used for online marketing. Being part of WIP(WebIntershipProgram) was an awesome learning experience creating websites by using WordPress, Social Media, SEO and other tools online, a total complete package to learn Web Design. Plus we always get updates and continuous support from our awesome mentor.

I’m glad I enrolled here, After 6 months of Learning from zero knowledge, I am now able to create different kinds of websites that may help our fellow entrepreneurs who needs websites.

Most of all Sir Jay is very professional, generous and supportive mentor. From Webdesign he also helped us build our professional porfotlio online as well as growth in our career. I highly recommend WebInternshipProgram to everyone who loves to learn WebDesigns. It’s all worth it.

Sofia Neri – Real Estate Broker| Web Designer , Quezon City

At first I hesitated to enroll in this Web Internship program because I am stucked as being a graphic artist, mostly for media only, not so techie person. But after months of learning from this program, I now know how to create different styles of web designs and how to work with WordPress, guiding us to create our linkedin, odesk, blogs, having my online portfolio is a “wow” for me and there’s so much more! It will enhance your creativity as well!

But all of this is big thanks to Sir Jay Pasana. His being so passionate to teach us and his never ending support that he gave us. He’ll make sure you understand the lessons well. Thank you Sir Jay for being kind, generous and cool mentor to us! And also thank you for pushing us to be better on what we do

Karen Escolastico – Graphics & Web Designer, Quezon City

I have been working as a call center agent since 2007 and decided to find a homebase job in 2012. I am a data entry specialist when i enrolled in WIP(web internship program). Sir Jay’s program equipped me not only in creating websites but anything related to jobs you can find on the web like social media, using adobe photoshop, basic css codes, SEO and a lot more.

Sir jay is a very supportive mentor and i learned a lot from him he answered all my questions even if its not part of the program.

STEVE VALDEZ  Web Design, Graphics Design, Virtual Assistant

Sir Jay Pasana really taught me well and improve my skills in web design. A very supportive mentor even though my queries is out of our topic.
This program made way for me to explore more about my niche.

I even managed to create and design a website on a local company even though I’m still under training, thanks to Sir Jay Pasana and this great program!

Franz Escolastico, Social Media Manager & Web Designer, Bataan

“It was never part of my plan to enroll in an online web designing class, for a simple reason: codes and computer languages bored meto death back in college! When I had a shift in my career and started working online, my sister encouraged me to enroll in this web designing class. I agreed, just so she would stop bothering me about this topic. With the thought that web designing is all about coding and programming, I never expected too much from this program at the beginning. It turned out, that I was completely WRONG.The table was turned the minute I watched the first video tutorial. Sir Jay made the lessons very direct and simple that even those who don’t have a background in coding and programming will be able to follow the steps and create their own websites! My “hunger for knowledge” button was turned on, and finally, I feel determined to learn everything that I can from the program. You never know how thrilled I am when I created my first blogging website, with my own domain, and not from free blogging platforms.

I am always running behind trying to catch up with the lessons. I have to stay late at night to watch the training videos and complete the assignments because of the time constraints on my part. No matter how late I stayed up during the night, I still feel grateful and delighted in the morning, knowing the fact that I am more knowledgeable that day than the day before.Despite all those sleepless nights, no words can express how grateful I am to Sir Jay and this web designing program. Never did I imagine that I could create a professional website, but now, I can. Thanks to this program, that even before it ended, someone already offered me a project!

Sir Jay is an excellent teacher! He’s always available to help everyone who has questions and clarifications. The most important thing is that, he made the lessons as simple and as easy as it can be. I am recommending this program to all online workers who want to improve their skills and be more competitive on the online industry!

Again, thank you so much Sir Jay! ”

Leonor Dipidip, Web Designer Virtual Assistant – Baguio City

“Before I enrolled in this Web Internship Program I didn’t have any knowledge in Web Design. I was invited by a friend of mine to enroll in this program and I am thankful that I didn’t turn down her invitation. Though at first I had hesitations because the tuition fee is quite expensive but it was all worth your money. The lessons I learned, the tricks and strategies needed to be competitive in this field were all given and patiently taught by Sir Jay.From zero knowledge now I know how to make my own website. The tutorial videos were easy to follow and Sir Jay was very patient and accommodating in answering all my questions regarding the assignments. He is also very supportive and generous with his resources and knowledge. He patiently guided me in making the assignments all throughout this program though Facebook and used Gotomeeting to see my screen if needed.

Learning is a continuous process. Thanks to this program I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. I am thankful to be part of this web internship program. I would surely recommend this program to my friends.”

Cheky Paja, Freelance Web Designer – Jaro,IloIlo

“As being in the practice of my profession as a Certified Public Accountant for more than 20 years, I’m stuck with a lot of pressure with my work and dreamed of working online.I did a lot of research and have enrolled many tutorial lessons online of any kind just to get some gig. No matter how I applied but can’t get one. Until I stumble with this Web Internship Program. As I have read the course outline, I find it very useful for someone who is dreaming like me to work online.

True enough, the program is very excellent. All assignments are always coupled with spoon feed tutorial video. You are not getting a hard time to make your website. This had helped me not only as an individual, but also with my business. I was able to create superb websites for my business that facilitates the marketing side. When it comes to the facilitator, Mr. Jay Pasana himself, he is very approachable and never get tired of helping you with your assignments and even with your actual work, he is always there for you. After five (5) months of the program, I was able to get an online job.

It’s truly great!!! It’s not just worth of your investment but more than that. Why? It’s because you can still get themes, plugins and whatever you need for your websites. Not only that, you can still join the coming batches in order to gain more knowledge, FOR FREE.

John Matutes, Certified Public Accountant – Lapu Lapu, Cebu

“I just wanted to say that my web internship class from Mr. Jay Pasana has opened many doors in competitive fields for me.Even during the period of our online class, I already able to get several contracts from different clients around the world and I cannot stress enough how well I was prepared for the job offers to me because of what I’ve learned from Mr Jay Pasana’s class.

At my jobs, there was never a task assigned to me that I felt uncomfortable doing or was unable to accomplish. Also, given the opportunity to be one of his students has not only given my resume added experience but has also given me the opportunity to become a Project and Operations Manager, Web developer and Administrative-support Specialist.

The challenging but rewarding part of this class is “Learning”. With ambition, diligence, dream, and with the help of Mr jay Pasana’s web internship class, you can achieve what you want.”

Dave Garcia, Project Manager oDesk – Pampanga

“Working online and earning dollars without going abroad is my dream come true.Several months before the program, I decided that I needed to gain new skills to have an online job. Before the program, I am doing self-studying to learn new skills hoping to get hired online. And there is google to help me anyway. But I notice that I am not progressing, I have no goal or timeline, and there is always a trial and error approach because I don’t know what’s in and what’s out in the online world. I am lost, whenever I reach a road block, I get frustrated and stop what I am doing. Then will start again from scratch. I notice I’m just wasting my time doing research.

Web Internship Program is a complete package for those who wanted to become a web designer and earn online. It’s like riding in a rocket where you can get all the information you needed, with timeline, direction and knowing that someone (Sir Jay) is monitoring your progress in just 6 months + lifetime support even after the program. I believe that Web Internship Program can help many Filipinos here and abroad to achieve their online career and be successful.”

Ria Maliwat, Entrepreneur / Web Designer – Pampanga

“I am very thankful to be part of this webinternshipprogram.The program is designed to make it easy to understand even if you are not a “techie” person. It will teach you everything you need to know to become a competitive wordpress web designer.

Sir Jay is very accommodating, supportive and generous in sharing his knowledge and resources. He will guide you all through out the program and monitors your progress. He does not just dump all the training materials for you to figure out on your own.Your investment is truly worth it. Highly recommended!.”

Pamela Julian Garanganao, Web Designer – Cavite

“The Web Internship Program of Sir Jay Pasana made me more confident as an Online Worker. I was able to increase my rate and aside from my existing contract, I am now hired for a project of customizing a Premium WordPress Theme which tasks I have learned from the Web Internship Program.The Program has taught me a lot of different skills not just in WordPress Web Designing but also in creating logos using Adobe Photoshop, Article Spinning, SEO, having my own business websites for passive income and a lot more. It offered me more than what I expected at a very affordable price.

As a mentor, Sir Jay is very accommodating, helpful and considerate. He’s there to guide his interns every step of the way. He is very generous of his time and in sharing his resources so that we too can earn even while on training. He walks his talk.

As a mother who has decided to work from home due to the condition of my son with special needs, I am very proud and honored to be part of this internship program and highly recommend it to others who are interested to level up on their online skills.”

Jaysa Chee Gundran, Social Media Manager & Web Designer – Cagayan de Oro

“The program is well worth your investment specially if you get the early bird, even half way through the program I was able to get decent works through oDesk and Elance.It is constructed in a step by step manner with tutorial videos after the live online sessions. They’ve given ample samples and assignments that I was able to use as my portfolio.

It is also nice to know other people in the program. I’m lucky enough to be in a group that share what they know, give out recent updates, and good deals in the span of the course.

Although, the success of the program is still dependent in one’s active participation and effort to do the assignments given.

Sir Jay is generous with his time and knowledge. He would share as much as he can to help you progress in the course. And he only takes in as many students that he knows he could personally find time to help.”

Breezy Booter, The White Tree Project – Taytay, Rizal

“At First, I do have hesitation enrolling in Web Internship Program because it cost a lot of money. But as a self-taught webmaster I have to keep up with the newest trends and self studying is not enough.The program really taught me a lot from basic website to ecommerce to affiliate marketing website, membership website and many more. Web Internship Program expand my knowledge which I won’t able to learn in self-studying. During on our online live streaming Sir Jay is very patient and accommodating answering all our questions.

Continuing education is a smart idea in any field, especially one that is constantly changing. Web Internship Program is worth your money. I am grateful to be part of this internship program.>”

Arlene Iquina, The Arlene Foliography – Jaro,IloIlo

This is the BEST investment to help you build a ROCK SOLID Foundation for your Online Career

1972306_10202040209310390_873189535253546950_n-150x150Jay Pasana

New York, USA based founder of Philippine Virtual Assistant Network – Philippines largest  community of Filipino Virtual Assistants with more than 14,500+ members and counting. He also founded Virtual Assistant Guide & Web Internship Program, an online learning & personalized mentoring website that caters aspiring virtual professional & web designers to work from home. Likewise Jay is also the Principal of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual assistant staffing agency based in New York which helps several Filipinos to have a work from home job which currently serves several clients around the globe. Aside from the growing list of business, Jay also owned several start ups like ZiteMarket & Ignite Hosting Solutions,which offers cost effective Web Design & Hosting Services for local & international clients

As an author, he published Be a Rockstar Virtual Assistant | The Ultimate Guide in Working Online. on to help aspiring virtual assistant to work from home Follow him on Twitter, Connect with him on FacebookLinkedin or visit his personal website

Marilyn_120Marilyn Pasana

As an online professional, Marilyn transitioned her way up to success by investing in the field of virtual assistance and web design. Networking with esteemed colleagues in the field, she co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) , Philippines largest online virtual assistant community with over 16,000+ members and counting.

Marilyn is the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York, USA, as well as the trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program which helps aspiring work from home professionals.

As a serial entrepreneur, she’s one of the managing partner of New York Sari-Sari Store Inc.- an eCommerce platform serving clients both in US & Philippines, St. Jeanne Beverly Learning Center & JM Property Rentals – a Pre-school Institution and a growing fleet of rental apartments together with her loving and very supportive husband.

About the Trainers

1924106_34549681401_472_nKim Cabral
An entrepreneur, a loving wife, daughter and mom. A former US based OFW who knows the business of outsourcing.

Currently working as a Project Manager for ZiteMarket and Consultant for Remote Virtual Assistant Agency. She makes sure that the business is always beyond excellence.

malouMalou Bunda
Malou has worked in the BPO industry for more than five years, went abroad as an OFW and finally she decided to come back and work from home.

Currently working as Project Manager for Remote Virtual Assistant Agency. Malou is in-charge in managing several filipino virtual assistants and deployment to international clients. She makes sure that VA’s provide good quality work output with their respective clients.

rizza2Rizza Dela Cruz
She had a 10 year solid foundation in a BPO set up. She had handled different roles like Quality Analyst, Team Lead Prep and Senior Analyst just to name a few.

Currently working as a Client Acquisition Specialist for Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, Rizza is handling telesales and lead generation campaigns to generate more clients.

995861_10201465097452840_434246577_nAllan Amor
An IT geek. Currently working as Tech Support Specialist of the Remote Agency Umbrella Network.

Allan supervises the troubleshooting and maintenance of hundreds of clients website and technical concerns.